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TF Web Based Training
Web Based Training Instructions
  • In order to take this training you will need to have at minimum Flash Player 10 installed on your computer.
  • Since there is no bookmarking capability in the training, you will need to complete a course all at one time.
  • Quizzes will need to be completed internally in order to receive HRmis credit. You will not receive credit for doing a course through this external server.
  • Remember there is an option to print out a Certificate at the successful completion of the training. Be sure to set up your printer appropriately for printing out this certificate – in Landscape mode. It is a good idea to print out this certificate for your records.
  • For the Rules of Conduct Handbook Training
    • You can only miss one question in the quiz. If you miss more than one question, go back, review the course material.
    • Once you complete the course you will need to schedule an Access/Permit test with the District Chief Operator or Designee.