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Customer Portal
​The BPA Customer Portal is an online service which provides access to bills, meter data, load/resource forecasts and contracts for customers who are:
  • currently doing business with BPA; and
  • have signed a Customer Portal Agreement.
​Customer Portal Agreement Process

​Are you an eligible BPA customer but don’t have a CP Agreement?

  1. Contact your BPA Account Executive about entering into a CP Agreement with BPA.
  2. Once an Agreement is in place, your Customer Portal site will be created.
  3. If you do not have an assigned BPA Account Executive, or would like more information about BPA's Customer Portal, please contact Customer Portal's customer support services at

Sample CP Agreement

​Are you a BPA customer with an existing CP Agreement?

  1. If you have an existing CP agreement and need to update Exhibit A (change of CP Administrators, CP users, authorized third parties or change of permissions) or Exhibit B (subsidiaries), the blank exhibit forms below may be downloaded, edited and submitted per the instruction document.
  2. If you have any questions regarding updating your existing CP Agreement, contact your BPA Account Executive.

Exhibit A Short Form

Exhibit A Long Form

Exhibit B Form

Exhibit Revision Instructions

​Are you a BPA customer and want third parties to have access to your meter data?

  1. If you have an existing CP agreement and you need to have third party users view your meter data, log-in to Customer Portal, select the Metering tab, Resources section on the right, and open the “Third Party Meter Data Access Requests” instruction guide.
  2. If you have any questions about this process, please email

 Customer Portal

BPA Customer access to bills, meter data, load/resource forecasts, contracts, and more.

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If you work for a company which has a BPA CP site and you
DO NOT have a user name and password, please contact your company’s designated CP Administrator and request credentials for access.

 Need Help?

​Contact Customer Support Services at