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Technology Innovation
BPA partners with electric utilities, nonprofits, research organizations, and technology developers on research that is aligned with Agency Strategic Objectives and has the potential to improve operations, solve challenges, increase efficiencies and avoid costs. 
BPA's Technology Innovation Office has seen unprecedented success since it’s inception in 2005.  These include: 
  • support for one of the largest synchrophasor network in North America; 
  •  BPA-engineered innovation in helical connector shunt technology to up-rate and extend the life of aging transmission lines;
  • a pilot program that boosted the adoption of ductless heat pumps in the region;
  • innovative power plant monitoring yielding greater real-time visibility and control; 
  • an industry-leading seismic mitigation program.

The Technology Innovation Team develops Research Priorities describing the specific BPA-related factors driving technology needs of the Agency’s diverse organizations. They identify areas where technology transfers can offer the greatest potential value to BPA and its stakeholders


TI Opportunity Announcement 

Linked here is Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) Technology Innovation (TI) Opportunity Announcement package for the open solicitation in FY 2022.  See instructions below for submitting your proposal.  In lieu of contracts, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be used, allowing BPA to work with federal and non-federal parties.  The purpose of the work is to collaborate in developing new technologies that align with BPA’s research agenda.  The MOA is an essential tool for establishing these working relationships. At this time, no BPA financial resources are available.  Instead, BPA will contribute subject-matter-expert (SME) time, access to system data (pending adherence to FISMA requirements), or system resources for testing and validating new technologies.  

As part of the opportunity package, a draft MOA is included for reference.  Depending on the nature of the proposal, the MOA will be modified to reflect deliverable requirements, technology transfer activities, and other considerations.  A MOA will not be drafted unless the proposal is selected.

Please review the entire announcement package prior to submitting a proposal.   BPA is under no obligation to consider submittals that do not include all the required information - a “required documents” checklist is provided as part of this announcement. Any amendments to this announcement will be posted on Applicants should periodically review the website for any updates - no other notices will be provided. Questions and answers will be posted on

If you have any questions not addressed on site or in this announcement, please contact Judith Estep, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, at 503-230-5997 or by e-mail:

Instructions to Submit:
  1. Review the entire opportunity announcement package (link) prior to submitting any documents
  2. Read Research Priority Topics (link) and determine which addresses your proposal
  3. Complete the BPA Technology Innovation Project Proposal Form attached in the opportunity announcement package
  4. Include a cover letter describing your relevant experience/qualifications
  5. Feedback will be given to the submitter within 30 days.

NOTE:  Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  If selected, the submitter will be contacted to provide further details (e.g., a Statement of Work, project charter, project timeline, etc.) and will be required to complete Memorandum of Agreement as described in the Opportunity Announcement packaged linked above.

The BPA Research Agenda

Technology Innovation’s Research Agenda is made up of 2 elements.  These elements work together to align to Agency Mission and Strategic objectives while developing projects that offer the greatest value to the Agency.   The first element, Research Principles is static, and changes only with major shifts in federal statutes, Agency strategic direction or as directed by Agency Leadership.   Research Priorities change more often based on the 2-3 year industry and regulatory outlook and risks as expressed by internal experts.

Research areas are the technology categories that the Research Priorities address. Capabilities are technologies that address more than one research area.

​BPA's R&D Portfolio
The BPA's Technology Innovation program is designed to support BPA's Strategic Plan and complementary Power and Transmission strategic plans. Technology Innovation's RD&D Portfolio objectives match the Agency’s goals of strengthening financial health; modernizing assets and operations; increasing the systems resiliency to risks; supporting competitive power products and services; and meeting Transmission customer needs efficiently and reliably.
The projects span across various technologies, time horizons, risk/reward profiles, cost concerns and other needs. Through effective technology transfer they are expected to produce direct financial benefits to BPA, and through BPA, deliver value to the Northwest electric power system.