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Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Overview

‚ÄčThe Financial Overview site introduced in May 2009 integrates the Customer Collaborative, Public Power Council, Quarterly Review and Quarterly Business Review material into one site to improve ease of use and access to financial information for customers. Find out more about Finance Public Processes.

Get Finance Related Information Directly

BPA is now offering external stakeholders an opportunity to sign up for BPA's Finance "Master Blaster", an email providing notification of upcoming finance related public processes, scheduled meetings and recently published material. If you would like to sign up please email with subject line "Enroll" or contact Amy Attinasi at 503-230-5662. 

Quarterly Business Review and Quarterly Review
The Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is an ongoing forum consisting of quarterly meetings focusing on BPA's finances. The QBR provides current fiscal year actual financial results, forecasts of BPA's financial position at the end of the current fiscal year, comparisons of actual financial results to start-of-year budgets and rate case assumptions. Additionally, the QBR forum is used to inform customers of emerging issues that could have an affect on rates. 

Quarterly Business Review for FY 2012


Quarterly Reviews for FY 2012

Monthly Business Review

The Monthly Business Review site introduced May 2009 provides monthly financial reports previously posted to both the Customer Collaborative and Public Power Council sites.

Administrator Steve Wright has written a letter to the region explaining how cost management practices have contributed to the agency's positive revenue picture for FY 2012. 

Monthly Public Materials for FY 2012

Frequency of Posting: Monthly
POC: Amy Attinasi
File format: PDF