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​Focus 2028

BPA Focus 2028 is a forum for regional leaders to establish a common understanding of the types of industry changes and strategic choices BPA may face to maintain its financial strength and cost competitiveness. Key issues will include Bonneville’s approach to capital investment in the hydropower and transmission systems, its internal operating costs and program delivery models, including energy efficiency.

BPA is focused on being the low-cost energy provider of choice when new power sales contracts are offered in the next decade. However, there are many factors that are placing upward pressure on BPA’s long-term costs structure that could adversely impact BPA’s long-term competiveness. This led to the creation of the Long Term Financial and Rates Analysis, which allows BPA to analyze the impact that near-term decisions may have on future rates based on a variety of assumptions.

A key outcome of the Long Term Financial and Rates Analysis is the reference case, a 15-year analysis of the Bonneville Power Administration’s financial condition and rates using spending levels from recent public processes and current cost escalation, as well as market and load forecasts. The reference case is meant to serve as a starting point for strategic discussions and the basis for comparing the financial and rate implications of future scenarios. This reference case is part of a suite of capabilities that will give BPA the ability to project the impact of decisions and industry changes on future rates and financials on a holistic level.
This forum, which will precede the standard Capital Investment Review and Integrated Program Review processes, kicks-off in November, with follow-up engagements in early winter, which will explore conditions and choices BPA and the region may face in the future.  Topics of these future discussions likely will include the evolving electricity market, changes in the electricity policy and regulatory landscape and technology advancements including distributed energy resources, all in the context of a changing climate.

​​November 18th Scoping and Input Conference Call

Materials for the November 4th Focus 2028 Workshop

Materials for the October 27th Reference Case Workshop

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