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2014 Capital Investment Review
Information for the combined 2016 CIR and IPR process can be found on the Integrated Program Review webpage.
Overview of CIR
​The Capital Investment Review process allows interested parties to review and comment on BPA's draft Asset Strategies and 10-year capital forecasts. The CIR occurs every two years prior to the Integrated Program Review (IPR). The CIR will cover transmission, federal hydro, facilities, information technology, energy efficiency, fish and wildlife, security, and fleet investments. We will release BPA's draft asset management strategies, and present a prioritized portfolio of investments for review and comment.
​What's Coming in 2014
  • ​The CIR public process will begin February 21, 2014 and will last approximately 7 weeks.
  • Three levels of information will be available:
    • The February 21 CIR Kickoff package provides a quick reference for summary information.
    • The CIR Initial Publication summaries the detailed asset strategies.
    • Draft asset strategies detailing asset condition and investment proposals.
  • Participants can request CIR specific discussion meetings and/or clarifying questions on CIR related material until March 5. Send requests to
  • Discussion meetings will be held based on participant interest between March 10-12, additional information will be made available in advance.
  • BPA will collect public comments on draft asset strategies, proposed capital forecasts and project prioritization between February 21 and April 11. Comments will help inform the 2014 IPR for near-term capital spending forecasts and analysis supporting for the Debt Management process.
  • During the 2012 CIR, BPA proposed developing a method for prioritizing investments. Since then BPA has designed and is now implementing the BPA-wide prioritization process. Results will be shared and discussed at discussion meeting.
​CIR Related Communications
​CIR Publications
Meeting Material
  • 2/21/2014 Meeting Materials
  • 3/10/2014 Meeting Materials
  • 3/11/2014 Meeting Materials
  • 3/13/2014 Meeting Materials
​Draft Asset Strategies
Additional Information

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