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Financial Plan Refresh

​The 2018 Financial Plan organizes the statutes and policies that guide BPA’s financial operations and establishes a set of financial health objectives that are foundational to BPA’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. It is an important guiding framework for how BPA will maintain and strengthen its financial health. The plan contains three sections that build from and support each another: statutory obligations and authorities; financial policies and established practices; and financial health objectives.

BPA intends to update specific sections of the 2018 Financial Plan. The scope of this financial plan refresh is focused on debt management, debt capacity and to a limited extent, capital. BPA will engage external stakeholders through a series of workshops beginning in September of 2021 and ending in July of 2022.

Public Engagement

BPA will host a series of public workshops and hold informal comment periods for one week after each workshop to gather written comments and questions related to the content shared. In response to a public request, public participants will have time to present their own materials at the January 12 and January 26 public workshops. A template and instructions for requesting time at these workshops is available.

   Feb. 23 Workshop

    Feb. 9 Workshop


  Jan. 26 Workshop

  Jan. 12 Workshop
   Nov. 16 Workshop

 Oct. 19 Workshop

 Sept. 15 Workshop