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Models and Datasets BP-22 Final Proposal

Power Models and Datasets
Public Rate Impacts

Rate Analysis Model for BP-22

Aurora Input Assumptions and Model Settings

  • As described in the Market Price Study and Documentation, BP-22-FS-BPA 04, BPA uses Aurora1 to produce the BP-22 Final Proposal market price forecast. Aurora has the capability to create an archive of all input assumptions and model settings that are used to produce a forecast.  BPA will share the Aurora archive of input assumptions and model settings used to produce the market price forecast with any Party to the rate case that requests it, provided that the Party has an active Aurora license.  To request a copy of the archive, please contact Eric Graessley (

 1Aurora is a registered trademark of Energy Exemplar Proprietary Limited (ACN 120 461 716), the software developer. 

RevSim Model

The RevSim model collection contains the NSR Model (separated by fiscal year), the 4h10c Calculator, the Transmission Expense Model, and the Risk Measures Report (an output summary file).

RevSim is an R based model for which BPA maintains a parallel Microsoft Excel® 2016 version. This Excel RevSim version (named NSR_Model_FY22 and NSR_Model_FY23) performs identical calculations as the R version, and is provided here due to the wide accessibility of the Microsoft Office Suite of products. The workbook is completely self-contained and allows access to every RevSim calculation and input that BPA uses in the calculation of forecast Net Secondary Revenue.

The 4h10c Calculator (4h10c_Calculator_BP20IP) is a Microsoft Excel® 2016 workbook that forecasts BPA’s 4h10c credit for fish mitigation activities. The model is self-contained and encompasses all data and calculations necessary to arrive at BPA’s forecast 4h10c credit.

The Transmission Expense Model (TxExpModel_BP20IP) is a Microsoft Excel® 2016 workbook model that utilizes distributions of data to forecast BPA’s transmission expenses under various conditions. The model is self-contained and encompasses all data and calculations necessary to arrive at BPA’s forecast of transmission expenses.

NSR Model FY2022
NSR Model FY2023
4h10c Calculator
Transmission Expense Model
Risk Measures Report

RSS Model
Tier 2 Pricing Model
TRM Billing Determinants Model
Power Revenue Requirement Model


Transmission Models and Datasets

Customer Impact Model

Rates Analysis Model for BP-22
Transmission Revenue Requirement Model


Joint Power and Transmission Models and Datasets

The ToolKit
This model is used to assess the effect of risks and risk mitigation tools on Power and Transmission Reserves for Risk and Treasury Payment Probability. The ToolKit model is built in Microsoft Excel®.
    • - This zip contains the ToolKit excel model and three source files needed to run the model.

P-NORM and T-NORM are Microsoft Excel® workbooks with the @RISK® add-in from Palisade Corporation ( The NORM models can be run or interpreted only on computers with licensed copies of @RISK installed.  To run a NORM model, open the file in excel and open @Risk.  An @Risk tab should appear in the Excel® menu bar. Click the @Risk tab, set ‘Iterations’ to 3200, ‘Simulations’ to 1 and click ‘Start Simulation’. Results of a simulation used as input for the Toolkit model can be viewed in the ‘Output’ tab.