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​​WP/TR-10 Rate Case

​The 2010 BPA Rate Case, which set power and transmission rates for the FY 2010-2011 rate period under separate sub-dockets, WP-10 for power and TR-10 for transmission, was completed and filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on July 29, 2009. The 2010 BPA Administrator’s Final Record of Decision covering both sub-dockets was issued July 22, 2009.

WP-10 Rate Case - (Legal documentation)

TR-10 Rate Case - (Legal documentation)
​Document No.​ ​​Administrator's Final Record of Decision Posted​
WP-10-A-02​ Administrator's Final Record of Decision ​​7/21/2009​
WP-10-A-03​ Certification of the Official Record ​7/23/2009
​WP-10-A-02-AP01​ Appendix A: Partial Settlement Agreement, Bonneville Power Administration, 2010 Transmission Rate Case ​7/21/2009​
​WP-10-A-02-AP02 Appendix B 2010 Wholesale Power Rate Schedules (FY 2010-2011) and 2010 General Rate Schedule Provisions (FY 2010-2011) ​​​7/21/2009​


​​Appendix C: 2010 Transmission, Ancillary Service and Control Area Service Rate Schedules (FY 2010-2011) ​7/21/2009​
​Document No. WP/TR-10  Final Studies Posted
​WP-10-FS-BPA-01 Loads and Resources Study ​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-01A Loads and Resources Study Documentation ​7/22/2009
​WP-1WP-10-FS-BPA-02 ​Revenue Requirement Study ​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-02A ​Revenue Requirement Study Documentation - Volume 1 ​7/22/2009
WP-10-FS-BPA-02B Revenue Requirement Study Documentation - Volume 2 ​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-03 Market Price Forecast Study ​7/22/2009
WP-10-FS-BPA-03A Market Price Forecast Study Documentation ​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-04 ​Risk Analysis And Mitigation Study ​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-04A Risk Analysis And Mitigation Study Documentation Volume 1 ​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-04B ​Risk Analysis And Mitigation Study Documentation Volume 2 ​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-05 Wholesale Power Rate Development Study ​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-05A ​Wholesale Power Rate Development Study Documentation ​​7/22/2009
WP-10-FS-BPA-06 ​Section 7(b)(2) Rate Test Study ​​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-06A Section 7(b)(2) Rate Test Study  Documentation ​​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-07 ​Lookback Recovery and Return ​​​​7/22/2009
​WP-10-FS-BPA-08 ​Generation Inputs Study ​​​​7/22/2009
​TR-10-FS-BPA-01 Revenue Requirement Study 7/22/2009
​TR-10-FS-BPA-01A ​​Revenue Requirement Study Documentation 7/22/2009