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​Surplus Power Sales Transaction Quarterly Reports

This program has concluded. No additional reports will be produced.


​Background Information

These surplus power sales transaction reports contain data similar to the electric quarterly reports published by utilities under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's jurisdiction of market-based rate authorization.
Frequency of Posting: Quarterly, based on calendar year
POC: Kristina E. Rohe, PTC
File format: MS Excel

4th Quarter (Posted January 29, 2009)

​3rd Quarter (Posted November 5, 2009)

​2nd Quarter (Posted July 29, 2009)

​1st Quarter (Posted April 28, 2009)

​3rd Quarter (Posted October 28, 2008)

​2nd Quarter (Posted July 25, 2008)

​1st Quarter (Posted April 30, 2008)

​Calendar Year 2007

​4th Quarter 2007 (Posted January 30, 2008)