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Montana Renewable Development Action Plan

​The Montana Renewables Development Action Plan is now available online. The report was developed by a consortium of our regional partners. It explores the opportunities and barriers of renewable resource development in Montana and provides recommendations for next steps. As a result, we learned that almost 360 MW of transmission capacity is available to move power from Montana to the Northwest, and we are able to dynamically transfer 1000 MW of variable energy resources to the West Coast.

Upcoming MRDAP Call/Webinar
January 29, 2020 – Webinar 10:00a -- 11:30a  (PST)
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MRDAP Call/Webinar
September 12, 2019 – Webinar 2:00p -- 3:30p  (PST)
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Meeting number (access code): 902 041 724#
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MRDAP Call/Webinar
April 23, 2019 – Webinar 1:30p -- 3:00p  (PST)
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The State of Montana and the Bonneville Power Administration are partnering to host a series of conversations focused on developing a sustainable long-term strategy to support developing new renewable energy resources in Montana. We hope to foster regional understanding of the opportunities and barriers to energy development of renewable resources in Montana. They also will lead to better understanding by all parties of what is needed to successfully develop additional Montana energy resources.  
Specific outcomes we expect to focus on:

  1. Identify opportunities/markets associated with Montana renewable energy exports; 
  2. Identify barriers and possible solutions to transmission and market access; 
  3. Scope costs and risks to all parties associated with potential solutions; and 
  4. Identify and recommend appropriate forums and leaders to address identified barriers.


Sponsor Meetings
June 18, 2018 – Missoula, MT

May 2, 2018 Meeting:

Steering Committee Meetings
June 5, 2018 Meeting – Helena, MT

Apr. 27, 2018 Meeting:

Mar. 6, 2018 Meeting:

Commercial/Policy Committee Meetings
May 22, 2018 Meeting:
Apr. 17, 2018 Meeting:
Mar. 19-20, 2018 Meetings:
Feb. 27, 2018 Meeting: 
Jan. 25, 2018 Meeting: 
Planning Committee Meetings 
Apr. 20, Meeting:
Apr. 5, 2018 Meeting: 
Feb. 23, 2018 Meeting: 
Jan. 26, 2018 Meeting: 
Operations Committee Meetings
Apr. 20, 2018 Meeting:
Mar. 26, 2018 Meeting: 
Mar. 2, 2018 Meeting:
Feb. 12, 2018 Meeting:  

Dec. 8 2018 Kick-off Meeting