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​Wind Integration
BPA is leading the way. We have connected almost 5,100 MW of wind energy to our transmission system – that’s enough to power a city three times the size of Seattle. BPA expects to connect another 3,000 to 4,000 MW of wind energy to its system by 2025, setting Northwest states well on their way to achieving long-term renewable energy targets.

One renewable resource supports another

BPA balances the ups and downs of wind energy primarily with hydropower generated at federal dams.
Our solutions give renewables a boost
We are finding ways to do more with the resources we have and are expanding our access to other resources to balance wind energy.
A joint effort
Advancing wind energy in the Northwest is a joint effort. BPA is participating in regional forums.

ColumbiaGrid Joint Initiative with NTTG and WestConnect

Northwest Wind Integration Forum

ColumbiaGrid Wind Integration Study Team
Projects cluster in the gusty Columbia River Gorge.
The gorge is near the heart of BPA’s transmission system, which attracted many generators. The concentration of wind projects can create an “all or nothing” effect. We balance the variable energy and send it across vast distances to population centers.