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Lands & Community
​Bonneville Power Administration owns and maintains hundreds of properties in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and a few in Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, and California. Transmission Services staff live and work in urban and rural communities where its transmission facilities are located. Transmission Services has field offices in each region that work directly with land owners, government agencies and community groups to maintain transmission facilities and ensure public safety around high voltage transmission lines. Although power lines are essential to distributing electricity to your home or office, they are not designed for human contact. It is extremely dangerous to touch a power line, whether it is overhead or on the ground. 
Safety First Real Property Services

Safety is first at BPA and we want to ensure safety around power lines.

Transmission Services works with landowners to acquire and grant easements to private landowners, and to operate and maintain transmission line facilities.
Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Vegetation Management Program

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Vegetation Program consists of three program areas for rights-of-way (ROW) management: Vegetation Management Program, Danger Tree Program, & The Access Road Program

Keeping the way clear for safe, reliable service

Farming and High Voltage Power Lines: What to Know