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​BPA / Lower Valley Transmission Project

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) plans to build a 115-kilovolt transmission line from BPA's Swan Valley Substation in Swan Valley, Idaho, 36 miles east to BPA's Teton Substation in Jackson, Wyoming in April of 2000.

For further information on this project, please contact Nancy Wittpenn, BPA Environmental Lead.


Final Mitigation Action Plan                          (December 1999) 
Record of Decision (ROD)                           (August 1998) 
Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)  (June 1998) 

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) [Divided into sections] (June 1998) 
Front and Back Covers (2 pages) (64K) 
Title Page (1 page) (32K) 
Abstract (3 pages) (32K) 
Table of Contents (12 pages) (192K) 
Summary (24 pages) (128K) 
Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need (10 pages)(64K) 
     The purpose and need for action 
     Finding solutions
     Decisions to be made
     Other issues
     Map 1 - Location Map (1.1MB) 
Chapter 2 - Agency Proposed Action and Alternatives (50 pages) (288K) Agency Proposed Action
     Three Action Alternatives
      No Action Alternative
      Alternatives Eliminated from Consideration
      Comparison of Alternatives and Summary of Impacts
      Pine Creek Routing Options A, B, and C (288K) 
      Pine Creek Routing Options D and E (256K)