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​Bird Track Springs Fish Habitat Enhancement Project  DOE/EA-2032
Union County, Oregon

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and the Forest Service are considering a proposal to restore aquatic habitat on a 1.9-mile stretch of the Grande Ronde River to benefit Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed spring Chinook salmon, summer steelhead, and bull trout.  Approximately 1.2 miles of the project would be implemented on National Forest System Lands, 0.1 miles on state lands, and the remaining 0.6 miles on private lands. This reach of the Grande Ronde River was disconnected from its floodplain when the Grande Ronde River Road (Highway 244) and the railroad grade were constructed.  BPA is considering whether to fund the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to implement this proposal, and the Forest Service is deciding whether to issue a special use permit. 

Proposed actions include:
1. Excavation of new channel meander bends to improve aquatic and riparian habitat diversity and complexity, and increase channel-floodplain interactions.
2. Creation of secondary channels to increase the available area of juvenile salmon rearing habitat.
3. Placement of wood structures to increase habitat complexity. 
4. Vegetation planting and seeding to improve streambank stability and provide protective cover for juvenile salmonids.

For more detailed information including maps, please visit: 

To understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, the USPS and BPA prepared an environmental assessment (EA) following the procedures of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

BPA and the USFS released the Draft EA for public review and comment in September 2017. The comment period ended on October 15, 2017.  Five letters and two phone calls were received during this scoping period.  You may find these comments and responses on the draft EA on the USFS site, located here.  The final EA & BPA FONSI was released in June 2018.

The schedule for the environmental review was as follows:

Scoping comment period
Draft EA available for public comment
Final EA
USFS Draft Decision
Finding of No significant Impact (if warranted)
If decision to build, construction to start
February 16, 2016 - March 15, 2016
September 2017
June 2018
June 2018
June 2018
July 2018


BPA and USFS has released its final EA, Decision Notice and FInding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).


For environmental information, contact:
Daniel Gambetta
Environmental Protection Specialist
Bonneville Power Administration - ECF-4
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR 97208-3621

Toll-free:  800-622-4519
Direct line:  503-230-3493
​For project information, contact:
Tracy Hauser
Project Manager
Bonneville Power Administration - EWL-4
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR 97208-3621

Toll-free:  800-622-4519
Direct line:  503-230-4296
​Forest Service contact information:
Bill Gamble, District Ranger
La Grande Ranger District
3502 Highway 30
La Grande, OR 97850

Phone:  541-962-8582
FAX:  541-962-8580


Bird Track Springs Fish Habitat Enhancement Project - Short Documentary

Final EA            (06/27/2018)
FONSI              (06/27/2018)
Public Letter      (06/27/2018)

Public Letter, Decision Notice and Correction Notice    (06/27/2018)

Public Letter      (09/15/2017)
Draft EA            (09/15/2017)

Public Letter      (02/16/2016)
Project Map       (01/12/2016)