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Business Plan Environmental Impact Statement (DOE/EIS-0183) Regionwide

To create adaptive policies that will allow BPA to participate successfully in an increasingly competitive electric utility environment and to continue to meet specific public service obligations as a Federal agency.

For further information on this project, please contact or 503-230-4628.


Please note: The EIS is a large document (17.6 Megabytes) and may take some time to download. To download smaller portions of the EIS, open the EIS Table of Contents document.
Final Business Plan EIS ROD (1.1MB pdf) (08/15/95)
Final BP-EIS - Table of Contents (June 1995)
Final Business Plan EIS (17.6MB pdf) (June 1995)
Supplement Analysis to the Business Plan EIS (709Kb pdf) (April 2007)

Tiered Records of Decision

For specific actions proposed within the scope of the broader policies embodied in BPA's Business Plan EIS, a Tiered ROD provides documentation of whether the subsequent decision is consistent with the analysis in the Business Plan EIS.


Supplement Analyses (SA)

SA-08 Bonneville Environmental Foundation Funding Agreement (27Kb pdf) (12/13/10)
SA-07 Service to Direct Service Industries (29Kb pdf) (09/22/09)
SA-06 Bonneville Environmental Foundation Funding MOA (16Kb pdf) (05/28/04)
SA-05 Boise River Diversion Dam Powerplant Rehabilitation (187Kb pdf) (10/17/02)
SA-04 Klondike Wind Project (145Kb pdf) (05/24/02)
SA-03 Goldendale Energy Project (36Kb pdf) (03/20/01)
SA-02 Dworshak Small Hydroelectric Project (196Kb pdf) (06/20/02)
SA-01 Okanogan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (190Kb pdf) (12/20/99)