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Grand Coulee Line Replacement Project  DOE/EA-1679
Grant and Okanogan Counties, Washington

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) was asked by the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to design and construct six new 500-kV transmission lines at Grand Coulee Dam.

The existing lines were aging, oil-filled cables between Grand Coulee's third powerhouse and the 500-kV spreading yard, both of which are operated and maintained by Reclamation. The aging cables were susceptible to fire, which could lead to multiple line failures in the future. Reclamation proposed building overhead lines to lessen the likelihood of line failures, and help ensure safe and reliable transmission of power from Grand Coulee Dam. The new lines transfer power generated at the third powerhouse, across the Columbia River near the visitor center area, and up a hill where they connect to existing lines that transfer power from this area into the Regional power grid.

Reclamation and BPA conducted public scoping, held open house style public meetings, and prepared an environmental assessment (EA) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the replacement project. In 2011, the agencies made Findings of No Significant Impact and decided to proceed with the project.


For more information related to construction activities, please contact

Mark Korsness, Project Manager​ Toll-free: ​800-622-4519
​Bonneville Power Administration ​Direct: ​360-619-6326
​P.O. Box 3621 Email:
​Portland, Oregon, 97208-3621

For further information on this project, please contact or 503-230-4628.


Public Letter                               (12/16/2011)
Revision Sheet for the EA             (12/16/2011)
BPA FONSI                                (12/16/2011)
Mitigation Action Plan                   (12/16/2011)
Reclamation FONSI                     (12/03/2011)

Preliminary EA comments received
Public Letter                              (05/02/2011)
Preliminary EA                           (May 2011)
Comment Form                         (05/02/2011)
Grand Coulee Project Video         (05/02/2011)

Scoping comments received
Final Scoping Summary Report                        (10/27/2009)
Project Update Letter                                      (11/05/2010)
Updated Project Map                                      (09/27/2010)

Second Scoping Meeting Postcard to the Public   (07/15/2009)
Public Letter                                                   (07/06/2009)
Comment Form                                              (07/06/2009)
Project Map                                                    (06/25/2009)