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Klickitat Hatchery Complex Program (DOE/EIS-0424)
Klickitat and Yakima counties, Washington

In 2009, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) had proposed to fund  new salmon and steelhead production facilities, upgrades to the Yakama Nation’s existing Klickitat Hatchery, and changes to salmon production programs in the Klickitat River subbasin. Activities would have taken place in Klickitat and Yakima counties, Washington. The proposed Klickitat Hatchery Complex Program would have increased the abundance of naturally spawning spring Chinook, decreased impacts of the non-native fall Chinook and coho programs, added artificial production facilities for steelhead, and increased harvest opportunities for Yakama Nation tribal members and others.

BPA prepared a draft environmental impact statement (EIS), with the support of cooperating agencies (the Yakama Nation, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife), analyzing the potential impacts of the proposal. The draft EIS was released for public comment in July 2011 and BPA hosted an open-house style meeting to take comments August 2011 in Lyle, Washington.
Based on public comments received on the draft EIS, as well as changes in agencies’ funding of various activities described in the EIS, BPA has canceled this environmental review process.  In addition, BPA is considering a different proposal that involves funding upgrades to facilities at the existing Klickitat Hatchery (see, but does not include new facilities at other sites and does not include funding for production activities related to four salmon and steelhead species currently being funded by NMFS under the Mitchell Act.


For environmental information, contact or 503-230-4628.



Summary of Fish Production              (08/10/2011)
Summary of Environmental Impacts    (08/10/2011)
Public Meeting Presentation               (08/10/2011)

Draft EIS comments received
Public Letter                                    (07/18/2011)
DEIS                                              (July 2011)
Project Map                                     (May 2011)
Comment Form                               (07/18/2011)

Scoping comments received    
Public Letter                                    (07/10/2009)
Project Map                                     (July 2009)
Comment Form                               (07/10/2009)

Federal Register Notice of Intent         (07/17/2009)