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‚ÄčMcNary-John Day Transmission Line Project
Oregon and Washington (DOE/EIS-0332) 

The McNary-John Day Transmission Line Project was proposed to help integrate power from multiple generation projects being considered in the area. The project involved construction of a 79-mile long 500-kilovolt transmission line.  The line, located next to existing transmission lines, starts at McNary Substation in Umatilla County, Oregon, crosses the Columbia River below McNary Dam, then parallels the north side of the Columbia through Benton and Klickitat counties, and crosses back into Oregon near John Day Dam. BPA completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzed the potential impacts of the project and released a Record of Decision in 2002. The project was then put on hold due to changing energy market conditions.
In 2008, the need for the line reemerged through a process called Network Open Season (NOS), in which BPA received many new requests for use of transmission lines in the area. To help determine whether to proceed with building the McNary-John Day Transmission Line Project, BPA prepared a Supplement Analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Supplement Analysis reviewed the 2002 EIS and assessed whether there had been any significant changes in the project or its environmental impacts. As part of the analysis, BPA sent letters to potentially affected publics requesting comments and held two open house style public meetings. The Supplement Analysis determined that a supplemental EIS for the project is not required, the 2002 EIS remains valid, and no further NEPA documentation was required.
The McNary-John Day transmission line was constructed and the line was energized 2011.

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SA 4 McNary office building                                                      (08/06/2012)
SA 3 Tower pad and access road expansion                               (01/31/2011)
SA 2 Design clarifications                                                        (03/09/2010)
Public Letter for SA 1                                                               (02/24/2009)
SA 1 Review for significant new circumstances or information        (02/09/2009)
Project Map                                                                           (02/09/2009)
Public comments received                                                      (02/09/2009)
Mitigation Action Plan                                                             (02/09/2009)

Public Meeting Notice                                                             (10/21/2008)

Fact Sheet                                                                             (October 2008)

Public Letter                                                                           (11/15/2002)
Record of Decision (ROD) and Mitigation Measures                      (10/30/2002)

Abbreviated Final Environmental Impact Statement                       (August 2002)
Public Letter                                                                           (08/30/2002)

Draft EIS (DEIS)                                                                      (February 2002)

Figures not embedded in draft EIS:
Figure S-1 Vicinity Map
Figure 1-1 Proposed Generation and Transmission Facilities in NE Oregon and SE Washington
Figure 2-1 Vicinity Map
Figure 2-2 Tower Configurations in Right-of-Way
Figure 2-4 McNary Substation Alternatives
Figure 2-5 Hanford-John Day Junction, Alternative A-North Side
Figure 2-6 Hanford-John Day Junction, Alternative B-South Side
Figure 2-7 Hanford-John Day Junction, Alternative C-South Side, Highway
Figure 2-8 Corridor Mile 32 Alternatives, Corridor Mile 35 Alternatives
Figure 3-1 Land Use, Ownership and Recreation
Figure 3-2 Streams, Fish and Wetlands
Figure 3-3 Vegetation Communities
Figure 3-4 Wildlife
Figure 3-5 Photosimulation 1, Corridor Mile 49, In Town of Roosevelt, Looking West
Figure 3-6 Photosimulation 2, Corridor Mile 65, Looking West Across State Route 14
Figure 3-7 Transportation Features
Appendices and Index:
Appendix A - Agency Correspondence and Policies
Appendix B - Public Involvement
Appendix C - Common and Scientific Names of Plants in the Project Corridor
Appendix D - Common and Scientific Names of Animals in the Project Corridor 
Appendix E - Socioeconomic Data
Appendix F - Living and Working Safely Around High-Voltage Power Lines
Appendix G - Electric and Magnetic Fields
Index (92Kb)

DEIS Cover Letter         (03/08/2002)
Comment Form            (03/08/2002)

Post Scoping Letter       (08/14/2001)

Scoping comments received      (07/31/2001)
Public Letter                            (05/01/2001)

Notice of Intent             (05/01/2001)