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Non-Treaty Storage Agreement

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is negotiating a new long-term non-Treaty storage agreement (NTSA) with BC Hydro that would allow for mutual use of Canadian storage space on the Columbia River that is not part of Canadian storage under the Columbia River Treaty. If the negotiations are successful, the new NTSA would provide power and non-power benefits for BPA, BC Hydro, and Canadian and U.S. interests through September 15, 2024. The proposed agreement would provide opportunities to achieve benefits for ESA-listed fish by using non-Treaty storage in Canada to shape water releases within the year to improve summer flows, and between years to improve spring flows in the lowest water conditions, along with other benefits.

BPA prepared a categorical exclusion on March 22, 2012, for the proposed NTSA. BPA followed procedures of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Department of Energy NEPA Implementing Procedures.

For further information on this project, please contact:

Sandra Ackley, Environmental Protection Specialist​ ​Toll-free: ​800-622-4519
​Bonneville Power Administration - KEC-4 ​Direct: 503-230-3824​
​P.O. Box 3621 ​Email:
​Portland, OR 97208-3621
​Pam Kingsbury, Project Manager ​​Toll-free: ​800-622-4519
​Bonneville Power Administration - PGP-5 Direct: ​503-230-3800
​P.O. Box 3621 ​​Email:
​Portland, OR 97208-3621


Non-Treaty Storage Agreement (DOE/EA-0451)
Administrator's Decision Record (7.1MB pdf) (1990)
Finding of No Significant Impact (2.7MB pdf) (6/25/1990)
Environmental Assessment (16.2MB pdf) (June 1990)

Technical Report (June 1990)
Table of Contents & Chapters 1-2 (5.9MB pdf)
Chapter 3 - Pages 3-1 thru 3-30 (9.8MB pdf)
Chapter 3 - Pages 3-31 thru 3-60 (10.5MB pdf)
Chapter 3 - Pages 3-61 to End of Report (11.9MB pdf)

Technical Report Appendices (March 1990)
Appendices A, B (9.4MB pdf)
Appendix C - Part 1 (19.7MB pdf)
Appendix C - Part 2 (5.6MB pdf)
Appendices D, E, F (5.7MB pdf)
Appendix G - Part 1 (11.6MB pdf)
Appendix G - Parts 2-4 (13.6MB pdf)
Appendices H, I (12.1MB pdf)
Appendices J, K (4.1MB pdf)
Appendix L - Part 1 (11.3MB pdf)
Appendix L - Part 2 (8.8MB pdf)
Appendix M - Part 1 (37.4MB pdf)
Appendix M - Part 2 (29.9MB pdf)
Appendix M - Part 3 (3.9MB pdf)
Appendix M - Part 4 (10.4MB pdf)
Appendix M - Parts 5-6 (5.9MB pdf)
Appendix M - Parts 7-8 (17.4MB pdf)
Appendix N (8.3MB pdf)
Appendix O & Appendix 1 (24.4MB pdf)

Non-Treaty Storage Fish and Wildlife Agreement by Bonneville Power
Administration and Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority

Fish and Wildlife Agreement (6.8MB pdf) (1990)

Revelstoke (DOE/EA-0227)
Proposed agreements to resolve Revelstoke Reservoir filling issues and
access reservoir storage space in British Columbia, Canada.
Administrator's Record of Decision - Revelstoke and Mid-Columbia Projects (10.7MB pdf) (January 1984)
Finding of No Significant Impact (4.1MB pdf) (12/09/1983)

Environmental Assessment (October 1983)
Chapters 1-6 (14.7MB pdf)
Appendices A, B (11.1MB pdf)
Appendix C (11.9MB pdf)
Appendices D, E, F (7.7MB pdf)