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Rebuild of the North Loop 230kV Electrical Transmission Line, Hanford Site, Washington (DOE/EA -2033)
Benton County, WA

The U.S. Department of Energy- Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Richland Operations Office (RL) propose to rebuild the 28-mile long North Loop 230kV transmission line on the Hanford Site, near Richland, in southeastern Washington. The Hanford Site is an area of approximately 580 square miles owned by the federal government and managed by the DOE Richland Operations Office. BPA, a power marketing agency within DOE, operates a portion of the electrical transmission facilities within the Hanford Site. A portion of the electric power needs of BPA and the Hanford Site mission is provided from the North Loop electrical transmission line, which is part of an existing 230 kilovolt (kV) system that was built in the 1940s.To provide reliable power for BPA and RL Hanford Site requirements, BPA and RL propose to rebuild approximately 28 miles of the existing North Loop transmission line in the northern part of the Hanford Site with approximately 20 miles of 230 kV, single- and double-circuit transmission line. The proposed North Loop Hanford Site Project would require reconfiguring of switching stations and substation components, installing of transmission line equipment and conductors, building new and reconditioning existing access roads, and installing and performing other ancillary components and activities.

To understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, RL prepared an environmental assessment (EA) following the procedures of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The EA considered four alternative routes with multiple route segments and a no-action alternative. The EA describes anticipated impacts to vegetation, wildlife, cultural resources, floodplains and health and safety. The draft EA was released for public review and comment in May 2017; no comments were received.

The schedule for the environmental review was as follows:

​Scoping comment period
Scoping public meeting(s)
Draft EA comment period
Final EA
Finding of No Significant Impact (if warranted)
If decision to build, construction start
May 23, 2017
May 7, 2018
May 7, 2018
August, 2019

BPA and RL have released their final EA and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). The FONSI includes a Mitigation Action Plan to help avoid or lessen potential impacts.  The EA and FONSI can be found on DOE’s website at: 


For environmental information, contact:
Doug Corkran
Environmental Protection Specialist
Bonneville Power Administration, ECT-4
PO Box 3621
Portland, Oregon 97208-3621

Toll-free:  800-622-4519
Direct Line:  503-230-7646


For project information, contact:
Mark Korsness
Project Manager
Bonneville Power Administration, TEP-TPP-1
PO Box 3621
Portland, Oregon 97208-3621

Toll-free:  800-622-4519
Direct Line:  360-619-6326


Final EA              (April 2018)