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Resource Contingency Program (RCP)

Oregon and Washington

The RCP Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) evaluates the environmental effects of constructing and operating three separate gas-fired combined-cycle generating projects. These three projects are the Hermiston Power Project, in Hermiston, Oregon, the Chehalis Generating Facility, in Chehalis, Washington, and the Satsop Combustion Turbine Unit 1, in Satsop, Washington. The RCP EIS was intended to have environmental review and licensing for several combustion turbines completed in advance of actual needs, so that BPA or another entity could more quickly acquire energy to meet future demands.

For further information on this project, please contact Dawn Boorse, BPA Environmental Lead.

Satsop Combustion Turbine Project ROD    (04/30/2002)
Chehalis Generation Facility ROD               (05/17/2001)
Hermiston Power Project ROD                   (02/19/1999)
RCP EIS (hard copy only) (September 1995)

Supplement Analyses (SA)
SA-02 Chehalis Generation Facility             (05/09/2001)
SA-01 Hermiston Power Project                 (01/14/1999)