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System Operation Review (DOE/EIS-0170) Regionwide

The System Operation Review (SOR) addresses four actions: (1) the need to develop a coordinated strategy for managing the multiple uses of the Federal Columbia River system (System Operating Strategy [SOS]); (2) the need to provide interested parties other than the management agencies with a long-term role in system planning (Forum); (3) the need to renew or change current Canadian Entitlement Allocation Agreements (CEAA); and (4) the need to renegotiate and renew the Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement (PNCA).

In general, the goal of the SOR is to develop a system operating strategy and a regional forum for allowing interested parties, other than these Federal agencies, a long-term role in system planning. Another goal of the SOR is to provide the environmental analysis needed for the Federal agencies to sign new agreements for coordinating power generation - Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement - and for allocating among Federal and non-Federal parties the return of Canadian Entitlement power to Canada.


For further information on this project, please contact or 503-230-4628.


Supplement Analyses (SA)
Juvenile Bypass Operations                                               (07/02/2004)
Non-Treaty Storage Agreement Contract Extension                 (06/20/2002)

Record of Decisions (RODS)
Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement(PNCA) ROD          (07/18/1997)
Canadian Entitlement Allocation Agreements (CEAA) ROD       (04/29/1997)
System Operating Strategy (SOS) for the FCRPS ROD             (02/21/1997)
US Army Corps of Engineers ROD                                       (02/20/1997)
Bureau of Reclamation ROD                                               (02/07/1997)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (November 1995)
Chapters 1-3
Chapter 4 - Part 1
Chapter 4 - Part 2
Chapters 5-10
Chapters 11-15
Chapter 16 - Index
Appendix A - River Operation Simulation
Appendix B - Air Quality
Appendix C - Anadromous Fish and Juvenile Fish Transportation
Appendix D - Cultural Resources
Appendix D - Exhibits - A, B, C, D
Appendix D - Exhibits - E, F, G, H
Appendix D - Exhibit - I
Appendix E - Flood Control
Appendix F - Irrigation/Municipal and Industrial Water Supply
Appendix G - Land Use and Development
Appendix H - Navigation
Appendix I - Power
Appendix J - Recreation
Appendix K - Resident Fish
Appendix L - Soils, Geology, and Groundwater
Appendix M - Water Quality
Appendix N - Wildlife
Appendix O - Economic and Social Impacts
Appendix P - Canadian Entitlement Allocation Agreements
Appendix Q - Columbia River Regional Forum
Appendix R - Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement
Appendix S - Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Report
Appendix T - Comments and Responses