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‚ÄčTanner Electric Transmission Line
King County, Washington

To build a 4.5 mile transmission line that would tie a new substation proposed by Tanner Electric Cooperative, into an existing transmission line (owned by Puget Sound Energy).

For further information on this project, please contact Gene Lynard, BPA Environmental Lead.

Decision Letter             (09/14/2000)
Public Letter                 (08/18/2000)
Cover                          (08/22/2000)
FONSI                         (08/22/2000)
Final Environmental Assessment   (08/23/2000)
Figures 1-3 from FEA      (08/23/2000)
Figures 4-7 from FEA      (08/23/2000)
Figures 8-13 from FEA    (08/23/2000)
Photos from FEA            (08/23/2000)
Appendices A-C             (08/23/2000)
Public Letter                  (01/03/2000)
Map (part of public letter)  (01/03/2000)