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‚ÄčWatershed Management Program (DOE/EIS-0265)

Establishment of prescriptions (goals, strategies, and procedural requirements) that apply to future BPA-funded watershed management projects.

For further information on this project, please contact or 503-230-4628.

NEPA Compliance Checklist for Watershed Management Projects    updated (09/21/2004)

Record of Decision (ROD)                            (08/27/1997)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)    (July 1997)
FEIS Cover, Executive Summary, Table of Contents   
FEIS Chapter 1 - Purpose Of And Need For Action
FEIS Chapter 2 - Alternatives Including The Proposed Action
FEIS Chapter 3 - Affected Environment   
FEIS Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences   
FEIS Chapter 5 - Consultation, Review & Permits   
FEIS Chapter 6 - References   
FEIS Chapters 7 & 8 - Preparers & Lists   
FEIS Comments & Responses  
FEIS Glossary & Index    
FEIS Appendix A - Available Management Techniques    
FEIS Appendix B - Contractor Disclosure Statement  
FEIS Appendix C - Comment Letters Received 

Supplement Analyses (SA)
Acronyms: Conservation Easement (CE); Land Acquisition (LA); Operations & Maintenance (O&M); Rights Acquisition (RA); Watershed (WS); Wildlife Mitigation (WM); Wildlife Management Area (WMA)


SA-287 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - LWC - Wimpey Creek Projects                                         (12/08/2006)
SA-286 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program (YTAHP) - Upper Lust Fish Passage Project, South Fork Cowiche Creek                                                                                                                                        (12/06/2006)
SA-285 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program (YTAHP) - Diversion 31 Fish Screen Project, North Fork Ahtanum Creek                                                                                                                                        (11/14/2006)
SA-284 Fulton Diversion Dam Fish Passage Project -                                                                       (09/22/2006)
SA-283 Barnes Road Diversion Site - Manastash Creek Fish Barrier Removal and Screening Project       (10/23/2006)
SA-282 Butte Creek/Hampton Bridge Crossing                                                                                (10/18/2006)
SA-281 Shaw Creek Passage and Sediment Improvement Project                                                      (10/17/2006)
SA-280 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program (YTAHP) - Parke Creek (Eslinger & Sorenson) Irrigation Diversion and Fish Screen Project                                                                                                                (10/17/2006)
SA-279 McPherson Side Channel Restoration                                                                                 (10/04/2006)
SA-278 Colville Confederated Tribes Repair Work (Thirty Mile Culvert Installation and Streambank Armoring; Bridge Creek Sediment Removal; and South Nanamkin Creek Re-Contouring, Floodplain Reconnection, and Armoring)       
SA-277 Walla Walla River Basin Fish Habitat Enhancement - Gose Street                                             (09/18/2006)
SA-276 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program - Ludwick Pipeline and Lyle Creek Diversion Project (09/07/2006)
SA-275 Hofer Dam Fish Passage Project                                                                                         (09/05/2006)
SA-274 Lapwai Creek Watershed Restoration                                                                                  (08/28/2006)
SA-273 Protect and Restore Lolo Creek Watershed - Weaver Creek Crossing Upgrades                         (08/30/2006)
SA-272 Custer SWCD Habitat Projects for FY 06, Lower Pahsimeroi Riparian Protection Fences (Bowles, Last Chance & Last Stand Ranches)                                                                                                                     (08/22/2006)
SA-271 Big Canyon Creek Watershed Restoration                                                                            (07/28/2006)
SA-270 Hood River Habitat - Tony Creek Diversion 2006                                                                    (07/25/2006)
SA-269 Coeur d'Alene Tribe Fisheries Habitat Improvement Project                                                     (07/25/2006)
SA-268 John Day Watershed Restoration Program                                                                           (07/14/2006)
SA-267 Lemhi SWCD Habitat Projects for FY 06, L-13 Diversion Modification, L-63 Diversion Modification and L-8A Side Channel Riparian Protection Fence                                                                                                 (07/13/2006)
SA-266 End Creek Habitat Restoration                                                                                           (07/11/2006)
SA-265 Meadow Creek Habitat Restoration                                                                                     (07/11/2006)
SA-264 Satus Creek Watershed Restoration Project - Lincoln Meadow Road Removal and Relocation (Yakama Reservation Watersheds Project - FY2006)                                                                                      (07/05/2006)
SA-263 Rehabilitate Lapwai Creek and Protect and Restore the Big Canyon Creek Watershed                (06/29/2006)
SA-262 Continuation of the Iskuulpa Watershed Project Operation and Maintenance, and Monitoring and Evaluation for FY06-07                                                                                                                                     (05/23/2006)
SA-261 Hood River Habitat - West Fork Large Woody Debris 2006                                                      (05/22/2006)
SA-260 Pine Hollow Watershed Projects                                                                                        (05/22/2006)
SA-259 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - SEF-15 Diversion Project                                                (04/19/2006)
SA-258 Custer Soil and Water Conservation District Habitat Projects for FY06, S-40 Diversion Modification and Rocky Mountain Ranch Riparian Protection Fence                                                                                      (04/17/2006)
SA-257 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - Squaw Creek SSC-01 Diversion Project                            (04/04/2006)
SA-256 Grande Ronde Model Watershed - Mahogany Creek Culvert Replacement                                 (03/23/2006)
SA-255 Fulton Diversion Dam Fish Passage Project - Phase 1                                                            (03/20/2006)
SA-254 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program - Fogarty Ditch Diversion                                     (03/16/2006)
SA-253 Wind River Watershed Project                                                                                             (03/01/2006)
SA-252 Umatilla Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement Project - B&G Resources Easement        (02/16/2006)
SA-251 Tapteal Bend Riparian Corridor Restoration Project (AMENDMENT)                                           (02/14/2006)
SA-250 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - Bohannon Creek Diversion                                               (02/09/2006)
SA-249 Status Creek Watershed Restoration Project                                                                          (01/30/2006)
SA-248 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - Squaw Creek SSC-02 Diversion Project                              (01/13/2006)
SA-247 Implement Trout Creek Watershed Enhancement (1998-028-00), and Trout Creek Habitat Restoration (1994-042-00)                                                                                                                                             (01/04/2006)
SA-246 Pataha Creek Stream & Cropland Restoration - Garfield County Sediment Reduction and Riparian Improvement 
SA-245 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - Challis Creek Diversions                                                  (12/05/2005)
SA-244 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement - Kenny Creek; LKC-03                                                       (11/28/2005)
SA-243 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program ? Snow Mountain Ranch--South Fork Cowiche Creek Dam Removal and Creek Restoration                                                                                                       (11/18/2005)
SA-242 SWSC-01, Warm Springs - Idaho Fish Screening Improvement                                                  (11/16/2005)
SA-241 Idaho Model Watershed Projects for FY 05                                                                              (11/10/2005)
SA-240 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program - Wilson Creek-Eaton Property Instream Habitat Improvements 
SA-239 Protect and Restore the Lapwai Creek Watershed                                                                    (10/24/2005)
SA-238 Walla Walla River Basin Fish Habitat Enhancement                                                                  (10/21/2005
SA-237 Marracci/WDFW (Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife) Wildlife Diversion Dam Fish Passage Renovation and Ditch Piping Project                                                                                                                        (10/21/2005)
SA-236 Chewuch Diversion Dam Fish Passage Renovation Project                                                      (10/06/2005)
SA-235 Haskill Creek Restoration Project                                                                                         (10/05/2005)
SA-234 Ahtanum Creek Watershed Restoration Project                                                                      (09/21/2005)
SA-233 Twisp/Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation (MSRF) Side Channel Reconnection Project - Phase 1(09/19/2005)
SA-232 Tucannon River Model Watershed - Turner Farms Alternative Livestock Watering Project                (09/15/2005)
SA-231 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program - Garretson Fish Passage and Screening - Cowiche Creek
SA-230 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program - South Fork Cowiche Creek-Thornton Property         (09/14/2005)
SA-229 Implement Fisheries Enhancement Opportunities on the Coeur d?Alene Reservation (2006 SOW)  (09/14/2005)
SA-228 Tucannon River Model Watershed ? Hovrud Irrigation Efficiency/Flow Enhancement                       (09/08/2005)
SA-227 Tucannon River Model Watershed - Broughton Land Company Irrigation Efficiency/Flow Enhancement
SA-226 Satus Creek Watershed Restoration Project                                                                           (08/31/2005)
SA-225 North Fork John Day Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement Project                                         (08/31/2005)
SA-224 Protect and Enhance John Day Anadromous Fish Habitat - Oxbow Mine Tailings Restoration          (08/26/2005)
SA-223 Lake Roosevelt Habitat Improvement Project ? San Poil River Bank Stabilization                           (08/17/2005)
SA-222 Oregon Fish Screening Project - Beech Creek and Rock Creek Diversions                                   (08/05/2005)
SA-221 Oxbow Conservation Area - CREP Conservation Practices                                                         (08/03/2005)
SA-220 Protect and Restore Lolo Creek Watershed - Blonde Creek Road/Stream Crossing Upgrades        (08/08/2005)
SA-219 Yakima Basin Side Channels Project, Upper County Community Church Property Acquisition         (08/08/2005)
SA-218 Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program FY05 No.2                                                         (07/27/2005)
SA-217 Grande Ronde Model Watershed Program-Dry Creek/Lower Valley Ditch Passage                       (07/25/2005)
SA-216 Wallowa Canyonlands Weed Control                                                                                    (07/21/2005)
SA-215 Idaho Model Watershed FY05 Diversion & Other Projects (Phase 1)                                           (07/13/2005)
SA-214 Poley Allen Diversion Structure Modification Project                                                                 (06/23/2005)
SA-213 Lostine Bank Stabilization Project (Phase 2)                                                                           (06/16/2005)
SA-212 Lapwai Creek Project                                                                                                         (06/09/2005)
SA-211 Upper Red River Restoration Project                                                                                    (05/17/2005)
SA-210 Pine Hollow Watershed Enhancement - Jackknife Watershed Projects                                       (05/12/2005)
SA-209 John Day Watershed Restoration Program                                                                            (04/26/2005)
SA-208 Columbia Basin Water Transactions                                                                                    (06/07/2005)
SA-207 Omak Creek 2005 Projects                                                                                                 (04/05/2005)
SA-206 Toppenish Creek Watershed Restoration                                                                              (03/23/2005)
SA-205 McComas Meadows (Meadows Creek WS)                                                                            (02/28/2005)
SA-204 Installation and Maintenance of Woody Debris Structures (Kalispel)                                           (02/25/2005)
SA-203 Watershed Improvement Actions (Mill Creek WS)                                                                    (02/17/2005)
SA-202 Rainwater Wildlife Area - Ongoing Operations and Maintenance Activities
SA-201 Secure and Restore Critical Fish Habitats (Flathead Basin, Montana)
SA-200 Asotin-George Creek Reconstruction and Riparian Planting (Asotin, WA)                                     (03/09/2005)
SA-199 Pine Creek Conservation Area                                                                                              (01/11/2005)
SA-198 Sandy River Delta Habitat Restoration                                                                                    (12/17/2004)
SA-197 Hayden Creek Fence Crossing                                                                                             (11/24/2004)
SA-196 Bauchman (Ives) Stockwater Project                                                                                      (11/23/2004)
SA-195 Goddard Stockwater Project                                                                                                 (11/23/2004)
SA-194 Gini Canal-Garden Creek Crossing Structure                                                                          (11/22/2004)
SA-193 Philps Slough Fence                                                                                                           (11/19/2004)
SA-192-A2 Blind Slough Restoration Project ? Addendum #2                                                               (09/21/2005)
SA-192 Blind Slough Restoration Project ? Addendum (Monitoring Plan)                                               (11/17/2004)
SA-191 Tucannon River WS (Tucannon Ranch Irrigation)                                                                    (11/16/2004)
SA-190 Tucannon River Model WS (Howard Irrigation)                                                                        (11/02/2004)
SA-189 Tucannon River Model WS (Howard Irrigation)                                                                        (10/26/2004)
SA-188 Sears Creek Culvert Replacement                                                                                        (10/26/2004)
SA-187 Fish Passage Improvement - East Branch Wilson Creek (Sorenson Properties)                          (10/13/2004)
SA-186 Habitat Projects Lake Roosevelt Tributaries                                                                            (10/07/2004)
SA-185 Grays Bay Estuary Habitat                                                                                                    (09/22/2004)
SA-184 Lemhi River Irrigation Diversion                                                                                            (09/17/2004)
SA-183 Bear Creek Road Work                                                                                                       (09/20/2004)
SA-182 Toppenish Creek WS Restoration                                                                                         (09/14/2004)
SA-181 Swamp Creek Hardwood and Wetlands Restoration                                                                (09/14/2004)
SA-180 Hood River Fish Habitat Restoration                                                                                      (09/13/2004)
SA-179 Joseph Creek Steelhead Restoration                                                                                    (09/10/2004)
SA-178 Pellicer Barrier Removal (Cowiche Creek)                                                                             (09/03/2004)
SA-177 Klickitat Meadows Restoration (Caldwell and Kessler Meadows)                                              (09/01/2004)
SA-176 Murphy Cottonwood Creek Diversion                                                                                     (08/24/2004)
SA-175 Malarkey Ranch Culvert Replacement                                                                                    (08/23/2004)
SA-174 Blue Creek Site Restoration                                                                                                 (08/19/2004)
SA-173 Kenney Creek Riparian Fence                                                                                              (08/18/2004)
SA-172 Portable Pump Intake Screens (North Fork John Day)                                                            (08/13/2004)
SA-171 Wallowa River/McDaniel Habitat Restoration                                                                           (08/09/2004)
SA-170 Tapteal Bend Riparian Resoration                                                                                        (08/11/2004)
SA-169 Pahsimeroi River Fence Crossing                                                                                        (08/10/2004)
SA-168 Jim Brown Creek Streambank Stabilization                                                                             (08/10/2004)
SA-167 Klickitat Meadows Restoration                                                                                              (08/09/2004)
SA-166 Coleman Creek Fish Passage                                                                                             (08/06/2004)
SA-165 Welp Riparian Fence                                                                                                          (08/04/2004)
SA-164 L-9 Irrigation Diversion                                                                                                        (08/02/2004)
SA-163 John Day WS                                                                                                                     (08/04/2004)
SA-162 Libby Creek (Lower Cleveland) Stabilization                                                                            (07/29/2004)
SA-161 Grave Creek Channel Stabilization (Phase II)                                                                          (07/22/2004)
SA-160 Lapwai Creek WS Proj.#1999-017-00                                                                                    (07/15/2004)
SA-159 Pine Hollow WS (Jackknife WS Projects)                                                                             (07/15/2004)
SA-158 Twelvemile Creek Pipeline                                                                                                  (07/15/2004)
SA-157 Big Canyon Creek WS Restoration                                                                                        (07/13/2004)
SA-156 Upper Salmon River Fish Passage                                                                                       (07/13/2004)
SA-155 Blind Slough Restoration                                                                                                     (07/09/2004)
SA-154 Bauchman (Ives) Riparin Fence                                                                                            (07/08/2004)
SA-153 Cowiche Creek Pump Screens                                                                                             (07/06/2004)
SA-152 Zeigler Riparin Fence                                                                                                          (06/30/2004)
SA-151 Arrow A-Jay Neider Ranch River Fence                                                                                   (06/24/2004)
SA-150 Dowton Ellis Creek Riparian Fence                                                                                       (06/24/2004)
SA-149 Rocky Mtn. Ranch River Fence                                                                                              (06/23/2004)
SA-148 Gydesen-Moen Irrigation and Riparian Enhancement                                                               (06/17/2004)
SA-147 Catherine Creek Swackhammer Fish Passage                                                                       (06/08/2004)
SA-146 Catherine Creek Off-Channel Rearing (Grand Ronde WMA)                                                    (06/08/2004)
SA-145 Baldwin Creek Culvert Replacement(Hood River Habitat)                                                         (05/25/2004)
SA-144 Salmon River Habitat Enhancement                                                                                      (05/24/2004)
SA-143 Therriault Creek Meadow Restoration                                                                                    (05/20/2004)
SA-142 Goddard Habitat (Streambank)                                                                                            (04/12/2004)
SA-141 Salmon River Riparian Enhancement (Sell Fence)                                                                  (03/31/2004)
SA-140 Water Control Structure and Culvert Replacement (Burlington Bottoms WM)                              (03/29/2004)
SA-139 East Fork Riparian Enhancement (Garman Fence)                                                                 (03/25/2004)
SA-138 Duck Valley Reservoirs Fisheries O&M                                                                                   (03/26/2004)
SA-137 Duck Valley Habitat Enhancement                                                                                         (03/17/2004)
SA-136 Morgan Creek Diversion Elimination (SMC-02)                                                                       (03/29/2004)
SA-135 Muddy Springs/Pahsimeroi (Idaho Model WS Habitat)                                                            (03/11/2004)
SA-134 Chalis Creek (Highline Canal)                                                                                             (02/18/2004)
SA-133 Basin Creek AFO (Idaho Model WS Habitat)                                                                         (01/29/2004)
SA-132 Salmon Valley Golf Course (Idaho Model WS Habitat)                                                            (01/28/2004)
SA-131 Bridge Creek (Rainbow Trout Habitat/Passage Improvement)                                                 (12/11/2003)
SA-130 Dry Cabin Creek (Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat)                                                       (12/03/2003)
SA-129 Oregon Fish Screening Project-2004 Replacements                                                               (11/24/2003)
SA-128 Weaver/McWennegar Slough Riparian Habitat                                                                        (11/20/2003)
SA-127 Ahtanum Creek (Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat)                                                        (10/17/2003)
SA-126 Anadromous Fish Habitat and Passage Improvement in Omak Creek                                        (10/26/2003)
SA-125 Simcoe Creek Streamflow Enhancement and Passage                                                           (10/03/2003)
SA-124 Fisheries Enhancement on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation                                                       (09/30/2003)
SA-123 East Fork Holistic Restoration (Salmon River East Fork)                                                         (09/12/2003)
SA-122 Big Creek Passage and Screening                                                                                       (09/12/2003)
SA-121 Reducing Water Temperature (Teanaway River)                                                                     (08/28/2003)
SA-120 Consolidated Water RA (Water Entity)                                                                                 (08/26/2003)
SA-119 Lick Subwatershed Road Obliteration (Asotin Creek WS)                                                       (08/20/2003)
SA-118 Crims Island Parcel LA                                                                                                       (08/19/2003)
SA-117 Stroud Creek Stabilization                                                                                                   (08/19/2003)
SA-116 New Huntsville Mill Fish Screen                                                                                           (08/11/2003)
SA-115 Upper Salmon Holistic Restoration (Dowton Riparian Fence)                                                  (08/04/2003)
SA-114 Jim Brown Creek Road Stream Crossing (Lolo Creek Watershed)                                           (08/05/2003)
SA-113 Pahsimeroi Holistic Restoration (Moen Riparian Fence)                                                         (08/04/2003)
SA-112 Upper Salmon Holistic Restoration (Zeigler Riparian Fence)                                                   (08/04/2003)
SA-111 Young Creek Stream Restoration                                                                                         (08/01/2003)
SA-110 Pahsimeroi Holistic Restoration (Gydesen/Hayes Riparian Enhancement)                              (07/30/2003)
SA-109 East Fork Holistic Restoration (Salmon River and Herd Creek)                                                07/22/2003)
SA-108 Klickitat Watershed Enhancement (Snyder Canyon Creek Mill Fish Passage)                          (07/15/2003)
SA-107 Hancock Springs Passage and Habitat Restoration                                                                (06/10/2003)
SA-106 Montana Water Project (Trout Unlimited)                                                                              (06/13/2003)
SA-105 Washington Water Trust                                                                                                     (06/13/2003)
SA-104 Deschutes Resources Conservancy                                                                                     (06/13/2003)
SA-103 Walla Walla Fish Screens Phase II                                                                                       (06/11/2003)
SA-102 Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program (Ellensburg Water/Cooke Creek)                        (01/17/2003)
SA-101 Hawley Creek Anadromous Fish Access Restoration                                                               (01/02/2003)
SA-100 Oregon Fish Screening Project-2003 Replacements                                                                (11/25/2002)
SA-99 Longley Meadows Restoration Project                                                                                     (11/22/2002)
SA-98 Hood River Habitat (Glacier Ditch/Evans Creek) Project                                                           (10/31/2002)
SA-97 Couse and Tenmile Creeks Riparian Restoration Program                                                         (10/31/2002)
SA-96 Grave Creek Channel Stabilization Project                                                                                (10/15/2002)
SA-95 Libby Creek Channel Stability Project                                                                                       (10/21/2002)
SA-94 Browitt Property LA (Yakima Basin Side Channels Project)                                                       (10/18/2002)
SA-93 Couse/Tenmile Creeks Six-Year Direct Seed Program                                                                (10/16/2002)
SA-92 Asotin Creek Six-Year Direct Seed Program                                                                              (10/16/2002)
SA-91 Hood River Fish Habitat Enhancement (Evans Creek Culvert Replacement)                                (10/01/2002)
SA-90 Naches River Water Treatment Plant Intake Screening Project                                                     (09/26/2002)
SA-89 Umatilla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement                                                     (08/27/2002)
SA-88 John Day Watershed Restoration                                                                                           (08/26/2002)
SA-87 Asotin Creek Watershed Restoration (Road Obliteration)                                                           (08/20/2002)
SA-86 Upper Grande Ronde Direct Seed Incentive Program                                                                 (08/14/2002)
SA-85 Lemhi River Irrigation Diversion Modifications                                                                           (08/07/2002)
SA-84 Forrest Ranch LA                                                                                                                 (06/19/2002)
SA-83 Bear Creek Irrigation Siphon Project                                                                                        (06/19/2002)
SA-82 Clark Creek/Bryant Alternative Watering System                                                                         (06/11/2002)
SA-81 Indian Creek/Trick Runoff and Buffering System                                                                        (05/28/2002)
SA-80 Grande Ronde Basin Rangeland Drill/Watershed Restoration and Enhancement                           (06/06/2002)
SA-79 Eisminger/CREP Dike Relocation                                                                                           (05/20/2002)
SA-78 Scatter Creek/Plum Creek Property LA Phase II                                                                         (05/09/2002)
SA-77 Methow Vally Fish Screening Project                                                                                        (03/25/2002)
SA-76 Little Sheep Creek Large Wood and Culvert Replacement                                                           (04/25/2002)
SA-75 Gourlay Creek Fish Ladder                                                                                                    (02/20/2002)
SA-74 Oregon Fish Screening Project-Screen Replacements                                                               (01/22/2002)
SA-73 Walla Walla Basin - Increase In Stream Flows                                                                          (12/05/2001)
SA-72 Scatter Creek LA Phase II                                                                                                      (12/03/2001)
SA-71 Duncan Creek Spawning Channel                                                                                          (10/29/2001)
SA-70 Scatter Creek/Plum Property LA Phase I                                                                                   (10/23/2001)
SA-69 Omak Creek Anadromous Fish Habitat and Passage Improvement                                              (11/15/2001)
SA-68 Mill Creek and Little Creek Crossing                                                                                        (10/12/2001)
SA-67 Walla Walla Fish Screens                                                                                                      (10/04/2001)
SA-66 Oregon Water Trust Water RA                                                                                                 (10/04/2001)
SA-65 Tucannon River Water RA                                                                                                      (10/01/2001)
SA-64 Easton Reach Property LA                                                                                                     (09/24/2001)
SA-63 Pelican Creek Crossing Improvement                                                                                     (09/17/2001)
SA-62 Hood River Fish Habitat (Farmers Irrigation District)                                                                 (09/14/2001)
SA-61 Stroud Bank Stabilization (Umatilla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat)                                 (09/04/2001)
SA-60 Wagner Ranch LA                                                                                                                (08/20/2001)
SA-59 Tucker Creek Fish Passage Project                                                                                        (08/14/2001)
SA-58 Asotin Creek Channel, Floodplain, and Riparian Restoration                                                      (08/07/2001)
SA-57 Idaho Fish Screening Improvement (Champion, Iron, 4th of July, and Goat Creeks)                    (07/12/2001)
SA-56 Wind River and Dry Creek Rehabilitation (Mining Reach)                                                           (06/20/2001)
SA-55 John Brown Creek Streambank Stabilization Project                                                                  (06/21/2001)
SA-54 Duck Valley Indian Reservation Habitat Enhancement and Protection                                           (06/05/2001)
SA-53 Lake Billy Shaw Operation and Maintenance                                                                            (06/05/2001)
SA-52 John Day Anadromous Fish Habitat Protection and Enhancement                                               (05/23/2001)
SA-51 Chumstick Creek Culvert Replacement                                                                                   (04/24/2001)
SA-50 John Day Watershed Restoration                                                                                           (04/02/2001)
SA-49 Walla Walla Basin Passage Improvement (Milton Ditch Consolidation)                                       (02/28/2001)
SA-48 Oxbow Ranch Property LA (Middle Fork John Day River)                                                             (12/22/2000)
SA-47 Salmon River Irrigation Diversion Consolidations                                                                     (12/11/2000)
SA-46 Edler and Henne Property LA                                                                                                (12/05/2000)
SA-45 Coeur d' Alene Reservation Fisheries Enhancement                                                                 (11/27/2000)
SA-44 Lower Wilson Creek Passage Restoration                                                                               (10/20/2000)
SA-43 Walla Walla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement (Couse/Patit Creeks)                 (10/03/2000)
SA-42 Umatilla River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement Projects 
          (Wildhorse/Springhollow Creeks)                                                                                          (09/26/2000)
SA-41 Meadow Creek/Habberstad Fish Habitat Enhancement Project                                                    (08/15/2000)
SA-40 Tucannon River Watershed Fish Habitat Enhancement Project                                                    (08/02/2000)
SA-39 Asotin Creek Channel, Floodplain, and Riparian Restoration Project                                             (08/02/2000)
SA-38 McCoy Meadows Restoration Project                                                                                       (07/27/2000)
SA-37 McCoy Creek/Cunha Raches Restoration Project                                                                      (07/27/2000)
SA-36 Dixon Property LA (Yakima Basin Side Channels Project)                                                         (07/13/2000)
SA-35 Pine Hollow Watershed Salmonid Habitat Mitigation                                                                   (07/12/2000)
SA-34 Lower North Fork John Day River - Gravel Push-up Dams                                                           (07/11/2000)
SA-33 Lolo Creek WS Project (Jim Brown Creek)                                                                               (07/10/2000)
SA-32 Grande Ronde Model WS Program - Imnaha/Parks Ditch Water Conservation                                (07/10/2000)
SA-31 Grande Ronde Model WS Program (Wallowa Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD))        (07/10/2000)
SA-30 Wind River WS Restoration (Middle/Mining Reach, Wind River, and Dry Creek                           (06/13/2000)
SA-29 John Day WS Restoration                                                                                                     (06/09/2000)
SA-28 North Fork John Day River Basin Anadromous Fish Habitat Enhancement Project                          (05/24/2000)
SA-27 Asotin Creeek WS Projects                                                                                                    05/23/2000)
SA-26 Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration (Nichols Canyon Subwatershed)                                     (05/03/2000)
SA-25 Implement Fisheries Enhancement Opportunities: Coeur d' Alene Reservation                              (11/11/1999)
SA-24 Tucannon River WS Fish Habitat Enhancement                                                                        (10/18/2000)
SA-23 Asotin Creek Five Year Minimum Till Program                                                                           (09/27/1999)
SA-22 Asotin WS Upland Best Management Practices                                                                        (09/27/1999)
SA-21 Asotin Creek Model WS FY1999 In-Stream Habitat Projects                                                        (09/27/1999)
SA-20 Pataha WS Riparian and Cropland Restoration                                                                        (09/09/1999)
SA-19 Yarrington Road and Grande River/Moses Creek Lane-Slide Improvement Projects                       (08/19/1999)
SA-18 Ladd Creek Alternative Watering System                                                                                  (08/12/1999)
SA-17 Union County Small Acreage Aerator                                                                                       (08/12/1999)
SA-16 Walla Walla WS Passage Projects                                                                                          (10/28/1998)
SA-15 Teanaway River Instream Flow Restoration Project                                                                    (08/03/1999)
SA-14 Little Walla Walla River Fish Screen Project                                                                              (12/22/1999)
SA-13 Pine Hollow WS Salmonid Habitat Mitigation                                                                             (02/09/2000)
SA-12 Ahtanum Creek WS Assessment                                                                                            (03/18/1999)
SA-11 Burgdorf Meadows CE                                                                                                          (12/07/1998)
SA-10 Asotin Creek Model WS Habitat Restoration Projects                                                                  (10/09/1998)
SA-09 Hood River Fish Habitat Projects                                                                                             (10/07/1998)
SA-08 Wind River Restore-Sediment and Hydrologic Regime                                                               (09/17/1998)
SA-07 Stabler Cut-Bank                                                                                                                  (09/17/1998)
SA-06 Early Winters Creek Habitat Restoration for Steelhead and Chinook                                             (09/17/1998)
SA-05 Foster Property LA                                                                                                                (08/21/1998)
SA-04 John Day WS Restoration (Part 2)                                                                                           (08/18/1998)
SA-03 John Day WS Restoration (Part 1)                                                                                           (08/07/1998)
SA-02 Lower Klickitat Riparian and In-Channel Habitat Enhancement Project                                          (08/04/1998)
SA-01 Upper Salmon River Diversion Project Phase II                                                                         (02/27/1998)