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‚ÄčYakima Fisheries Project (DOE/EIS-0169)

The Yakima Fisheries Project is an ongoing project that involves studies, research, and artificial production of spring Chinook, fall Chinook, and coho salmon in the Yakima basin. Studies and research are conducted on the effectiveness of hatchery supplementation and interactions of hatchery fish with the environment. An environmental impact statement was prepared for the initiation of the project in 1996, and several supplement analyses tiered to this environmental impact statement have been prepared subsequently as the program has been modified and adapted to the results of the ongoing research.

For further information on this project, please contact or 503-230-4628.


Record of Decision (ROD)       (03/13/1996)

The final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is currently available in hard copy only.
Yakima Fisheries Project Final Environmental Impact Statement (January 1996)

White Paper
Public Letter   (06/07/2007)
Coho Reintroduction Feasibility Study - Phase II - Project Description and Environmental Analysis White Paper
(June 2007)

Supplement Analyses (SA)
SA-17 Early-Run Fall Chinook Program - Installation of New Well at Marion Drain Hatchery             (02/15/2011)
SA-16 Coho Reintroduction Feasibility Study Phase II - Release of Juveniles above the Lake Cle Elum and Bumping Lake Dams      (12/12/2008)
SA-15 Early-Run Fall Chinook Program - Establishing an Early-Run Fall Chinook Population in the Yakima River Basin
SA-14 Raceway Construction and Outfall Modification at Prosser                                                 (08/11/2008)
SA-13 Implement Phase II of the Yakima Coho Reintroduction Feasibility Study                              (08/01/2007)
SA-12 Herbicide Spraying for Weed Control (upper Yakima River in Kittitas County)                         (02/22/2005)
SA-11 Supplement Analysis for Cle Elum Coho Acclimation Site                                                   (02/18/2005)
SA-10 Supplement Analysis for Stiles Edler FC Sites                                                                  (02/18/2005)
SA-09 Supplement Analysis for Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries (Tillman Creek)                                     (01/06/2005)
SA-08 Modification to Coho Acclimation Research Task                                                               (04/07/2004)
SA-07 Noxious Weed Control (Cle Elum and Jack Creek)                                                             (07/14/2003)
SA-06 Modification to Coho Acclimation Research Task                                                               (03/13/2003)
SA-05 Modification to Domestication Selection Research Task                                                      (09/20/2002)
SA-04 Construction/Modification Upgrades to Prosser and Marion Drain Hatchery Faciities                (11/07/2000)
SA-03 Use of the WDFW's Yakima Hatchery and Acclimation and Research Activities                        (03/08/2000)
SA-02 Natural Spawning Channels, Increased On-site Housing, and Upgrades to Prosser Hatchery   (08/16/1999)
SA-01 Fall Chinook and Coho Research Program      (05/14/1999)