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Program Documents
Systemwide Programmatic Agreement
The Systemwide Programmatic Agreement for the Management of Historic Properties Affected by the Multipurpose Operations of the Fourteen Projects of the FCRPS (Systemwide PA) became effective in October of 2009. The Systemwide PA provides Bonneville Power Administration, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Lead Federal Agencies) with a common set of standards, procedures, requirements, and commitments for complying with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act at the 14 FCRPS dams and reservoirs in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.
Systemwide PA (11/27/14)  
FCRPS Handbook
The FCRPS Cultural Resource Program Handbook summarizes the program purpose and history, illustrates how the three lead federal agencies work together to administer the program, and describes the roles of various program participants. The handbook contains agreements that guide program work and define lead agency responsibilities, as well as documents describing management of program funds. 
Handbook (05/16)
Systemwide Research Design
The Systemwide Research Design provides a broad context for evaluating the significance of cultural sites against the four National Register eligibility criteria. The context for evaluation is organized through five research domains that apply to the 14 dams and reservoirs addressed by the FCRPS Cultural Resource Program. The document is required by the Systemwide PA.
Annual Reports
Under the Systemwide PA, the Lead Federal Agencies are required to report compliance accomplishments in Annual Reports. Reporting emphasizes activities performed to comply with the terms of the Programmatic Agreement, specifically with Section 106 of the NHPA, but also addresses related actions conducted to comply with other Federal laws.
                  Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report (03/31/21)                Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report Summary Sheet              
Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report (03/02/20)  

​5-Year Summary of Accomplishments Fiscal Years 2015-2019

Under the Systemwide PA, the Lead Federal Agencies are required to conduct a 5-year summary of accomplishments. The Systemwide PA also requires identification of issues that affect or may affect the abilities of the Lead Federal Agencies to meet the terms of the Systemwide PA. After a decade of managing historic properties affected by the FCRPS, this brochure is the second summary developed since the Systemwide PA went into effect in 2009 and covers the period from FY2015 through FY2019. It demonstrates the status of the Program for each stage of the Section 106 NHPA process, and highlights multiple treatments meant to resolve or partially resolve for adverse effects to historic properties. The 5-year review will be discussed with Program participants at the upcoming Systemwide Meeting.  

Program Survey 
Surveys were conducted in 2013 and 2015 in order to guage the effectiveness of the FCRPS Cultural Resource Program (Program). Participants included tribal, state, and federal technical representatives that routinely participate in the Program. The survey also assessed the quality, effectiveness, and changes in working relationships between Lead Agency technical staff and Program Participants. This report summarized responses from the 2015 survey, and compares them with responses received in 2013.