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​Historic Built Environment
The Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Network is associated with significant themes in American history relating the rise of public power and the development of PUDs and rural electric cooperatives, the industrial development of the Pacific Northwest in response to World War II and, after the war the continued expansion and development of a model transmission network that included technological development of international import. The Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Network is considered eligible for the National Register under Criterion “A” and “C” and is treated and managed accordingly.  The BPA Network includes unique historic built resources including transmission lines, microwave stations and substation resources comprising control houses, untanking towers, maintenance and storage facilities, metering houses, testing facilities, administration and office buildings and more.
Construction of the Original Bonneville-The Dalles 115 K.V. Line


1970 representation of The Pacific Intertie, connecting Los Angeles to BPA's power sources in the Pacific Northwest. Source: Communications Brochure from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

1938 Map of the Proposed Transmission Master Grid

1969 Map of Major BPA Transmission Lines



Tama Tochihara
Historian, BPA

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BPA Transmission Map- 1945