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​Safety is a BPA core value
​BPA’s focus on safety starts with workers and extends to our families and communities. We value safety in everything we do, and together our actions result in people being safe every day. We have a dedicated and proactive Safety office served by fulltime experts. BPA’s safety program is also backed by management’s commitment to the safety of employees.
Employees are the solution to safety

​Whether you’re a lineworker or a human resources representative, having a safety mindset is a part of the BPA culture. Each person is viewed as a part of the solution to safety issues and expected to eliminate hazards for the benefit of themselves and their co-workers.

In addition to a comprehensive training program that includes AED, CPR, fall protection, hearing conservation, respiratory protection and flammable combustible liquids, BPA encourages proactive behaviors to eliminate hazards before they lead to injury. Employees report safety issues and the agency uses that information to correct problems and continuously improve our comprehensive safety program.

Safety around high voltage
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