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Network Integration (NT) Transmission Service
This page provides information about activities related to Network Integration Transmission Service (NT Service). NT Service is a transmission service that allows NT Customers to efficiently and economically utilize Network Resources to serve Network Load. ​
NT Annual Load and Resource Forecasting Process
​Network Operating Agreement (NOA)

Network Operating Agreement Template (12/15/2020) - posted 1/13/2021
2020 NOA Customer Talking Points (11/2/2020) - posted 1/13/2021 
NOA V4 Draft (3/5/2020)
Response to NOA Comments V3 Draft (3/5/2020)
NOA V3 Draft (2/24/2020) - posted 1/13/2021
Response to NOA Comments V2 Draft (1/17/2020) - posted 1/13/2021
NOA V2 Draft (12/13/2019) - posted 1/13/2021
Response to NOA Comments V1 Draft (10/17/2019) - posted 1/13/2021
NOA V1 Draft (6/28/2019) - posted 1/13/2021
BPA OATT (See Attachment G)
NT NOA and Attachment G (Background Information)

NT Redispatch Protocols
Reference Documents

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